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Together we will create amazing things!

Passionate About Inspiring Others

After graduating from Barry University with my Masters of Public Administration, I moved back to Pittsburgh, PA. Within a few months I found myself working in a leadership position with my previous employer and hanging around my old stomping grounds. It was familiar. I had been new to town in Florida and was isolated in grad school, so coming back to old friends and places that I knew felt good for a little bit. After an extended homecoming, I was able to name the discomfort that had pushed me to leave Pittsburgh the first time -- I was way too often the only Black face (or face of any color in many instances). When I started to speak up in the organizations where I thought I had power, I learned that there was a concern that there wasn't quite enough space inside the organizations for folks of color to create their own spaces. So, I started Garden of Peace, Inc., an organization making spaces for black trans and queer communities. The first year I invested $9,500 into the organization. I recruited a few friends throughout the years. And, today my co-director (and partner) and I have increased the budget to $150,000. Now, I'm excited to empower and support others to do the same!

As a founding director of my own organization, I have first-hand experience of being one person who does 30 jobs. When my partner and I met, we decided to run the organization together. Collectively we had 30 years of experience, so we thought.. let's take what we've done for these other organizations and do it for this one. As we learned, we taught others. In the past three years, I have guided a dozen people to obtaining their 501(c)(3)-status. A lot of people are intimidated by this process; I was too. No need to be afraid. At this point, I could practically do it in my sleep.

In addition to incorporation and tax-exemption services, I offer a comprehensive array of services. All of the services begin with a half-hour to hour-long consultation. The consultation allows me an opportunity to learn more about you and what you would like to bring into the world. I offer business cards; campaign strategy; community workshops; corporate training; event planning & management; launch setup; leadership development; professional organizing & management; and strategic planning & building. 

Much of consulting work requires a team and I don't pretend that I can do this all alone. I work with graphic designers, strategic planners, and two development coaches to be sure that the work has more than one pair of eyes on it. This work is what I was called here to do -- to invest in empowering you with the tools and resources to take your vision from conception to implementation!

  • Mental Health First Aid, Youth & Adults

  • LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency

  • Barry University, Masters of Public Administration

  • Chatham University, Bachelors of Art, Cultural Studies and Political Science

  • Hampton HS, Advanced Diploma