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© 2018 by Mister Michael David Battle


My art & work are clear: create spaces to explore the ways to radically transform your life! I do a lot because I've done a lot. I do things that I love and feel passionate about. My art includes furniture restoration, altar building, and repurposing and reclaiming wood. 

When I started Garden of Peace, Inc. in 2012, I took on too much way too quickly. I had to bring in other people and scale back how much we were doing. We have obtained our own 501(c)(3) status. And, after all the hard lessons, I am excited to do share those lessons with others.

​Whether you have or work for an existing organization or would like to start a new initiative or organization;  or, you are an artist looking to expand your career and brand; I will be with you every step of the way and offer intentional and informed strategies; develop and manage your campaign plan; empower new and existing relationships; and, strengthen your reach. We will guide you through a budget crisis or gap; the completion of your organization's strategic plan of action; and, managing your life.